C7 Z06 L88 Corvette Sales Specialist Dr Pete

L88 Dr. Pete Barrett Jackson

Dr. Pete Gimenez

I started buying, restoring, and selling Corvettes in the 1970s, and since then,
the hobby has grown to unexpected levels.


I've been assisting fellow Corvette owners with the sale of their Corvettes for the past few years, and now I am proud to announce my own Corvette Sales site:

Corvette Sales

If you click here or on the photo above you will be able to view my Corvette Classifieds on my main Corvette Legends site.

I've created this classified section for my fellow Corvette owners and enthusiasts who would like to buy and sell Corvettes without the hassle of working with dealers or auctions. I've also placed a Corvette parts section for those of you who are very particular about using the exact part that you need for your Corvette and for those of you who have extra Corvette parts that you no longer need.


Another televised Corvette sale assisted by Dr. Pete:


Saturday Jan 25, 2014 on NBCSN featured this 1968 L88 Corvette
lot #S179 which was endorsed by Dr. Pete.

1968 L88 Corvette

Dr. Pete is included with the documentation of this outstanding
1968 L88 Corvette which was sold at the
January 2014 Mecum Auction in Kissimmee Florida.




The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is The Premier indoor car show of the year.
I have been invited to this prestigious event every year since 2008.
This show is the largest indoor collection of Corvettes and Muscle Cars, anywhere.
Here are some photos from the 2011 show:
Here are some photos of the show from 2009:

My table is on the right between the white 1969 L88 Corvette and the blue 1968 racing Corvette. I was showing the public my first book, which was Corvette Racing Legends, the story of the L-88 option package. It's obvious that I am a Corvette enthusiast. I have more Corvette magazines in the works.

If you want to see current photos from the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, click here.


One of my favorite Corvettes made its rounds at Car Shows and at Vintage Racing events around the country a couple of years ago. This Corvette sold at auction in August 2010, for 1.25 Million Dollars. This Corvette was a 1967 convertible and it was the first Corvette to be special ordered with the optional L-88 Corvette engine and all the necessary options to complete the package. That First RPO L88 Corvette is well documented in my Corvette book. That's it on the right hand side of the page in the photo below as number 10. This L-88 Corvette was restored to 1967 racing trim in 2011 and was invited to participate in the Great Hall at the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show.
Current photos can be found by clicking here.

If you want to see more pictures from my L88 Corvette book, please take a look here.



I am an official sponsor of the 2016 Bloomington Gold Corvette Show


I was an official sponsor of the Great Hall for 2011 at the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show.
I've been going to the Bloomington Gold Corvette shows since 1981. That was back in the day when the show was actually in Bloomington Illinois at the state fairgrounds. Now I've been invited to be a partner in the presentation of the Great Hall that displays and inducts the people and the cars that made the Corvette what it is today.

The Bloomington Gold Corvette Show is now held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

If you see me at any of the shows, I go by "Dr. Pete"

Photos of the First RPO L-88 can be seen here.



My first book was Corvette Racing Legends, here is another sample page. This is a hardbound book containing over 500 color and black and white photos, most of which have never been published before, all contained within 424 pages.

It was sold at the National Corvette Museum for several years. You can still get a copy for yourself from my online store.

Here is a direct link over to that site.


Every year is a great year when I meet so many nice people at car shows. I would like to thank all you viewers who visit my sites and all of my customers who have purchased books from me. I enjoy visiting with so many of you who enjoy and appreciate the culture that the American automobile has created and how it has impacted our society. Again, I enjoy meeting so many of you at car shows, and I appreciate your emails.


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I have C7 Corvette updates for you to view below. The new C7 Corvette is the most powerful Corvette ever built, but if it weren't for the L88 Corvettes, we wouldn't have the new C7 Corvette, a C4 ZR1 or C6 ZR1 or even the new C7 Z06 for that matter. Again, the technology that's available out there is so beneficial for all of us in so many different ways.


I started on the Internet back in 1995. This is my main Corvette site: Corvette Legends. You can take a look at this multi page site by clicking on the image above. Corvette Legends has many articles with photos and daily Corvette updates that are not C7 specific as you find on this page below.




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